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Welcome to Club Baltimore’s Home Page. Here you are able to check out out what we have to offer and how you can get involved. For information regarding our membership options and prices, please see our Membership Page. If you’ve got a question, give us an email we’d love to help! Are you interested in classes? Download our class timetable or have a read of our class descriptions and see what would suit you best.  Would you rather see the gym for yourself? Get booked in for a tour and see the gym for yourself.


We are starting up a new healthy weight programme in September designed to help you lose weight and keep the weight off. Our 12 week programme comes at a cost of £170 yet what is includes exceeds in cost compared to what you will pay. The programme includes: 4 personal training sessions, 2 nutrition consultations, 2 health assessments (before and after), 2 personalised exercise programmes (before and after), weekly exercise taster sessions, expert led “food clubs” and weekly weigh in’s.

For more information go to the “Healthy Weight Programme” page.

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 Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0600-2200
Saturday & Sunday 0800-1800
Bank Holidays 0800-1800

Club Baltimore
14 Baltimore Wharf
E14 9FT

0207 093 0277

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